Fluid type distribution Transformers

Standard and large Distribution Transformers

  • Standard Transformers are required to form the link between the electrical grid and consumers. Ratings for medium-sized Distribution Transformer stand between 2,500 kVA and 6,300kVA., with a maximum voltage capacity of 36kV.
  • Large distribution transformers come with higher voltage capacity and power level than medium-sized Transformers  The technology differs to ensure the transformer will function at maximum capacity. The voltage of a large distribution transformer can go up to 72.5kV and its power rating from 6.3 up to 30MVA.

Pole and Pad-mounted distribution transformers

  • Pole-mounted transformers are available as single-phase or 3-phase units. We also offers pad-mounted distribution transformers with the same ratings as pole-mounted units. Pole-mounted distribution transformers voltage level and power capacity are similar to those of standard medium-sized transformers with a voltage level of up to 36kV and a rating of up to 2,500kVA.

Dry Type Transformers

  • We offer a complete range of low voltage transformers in powers from 25VA to 1000kVA and from 12V to 12kV. We manufacture both transformers for general use and for special applications. In the most demanding applications, we can encapsulate our equipment in resin to protect them against extreme temperatures, corrosion, humidity, arcs, etc. We have specialized Dry type transformers in the application of the Resin Encapsulation technique, which provides various technical advantages to the products.

Control and Measuring Transformers

  • We offer a wide product range of reliable transformers, smart transducers, accurate meters, and connection technology. Standard and customized products for many large and small national and international customers. Each of our product distinguishes itself by its simple, smart design and solid construction, making it perfect for long, daily use under harsh conditions. All our products are manufactured according to the highest quality requirements of our clients to ensure these can be used for many decades without any problem.

Power Transformers

Large-Medium distribution transformers

Pad Mounted Transformers

Pole Mounted Transformers

Dry Type Transformers

Control & Measurement Transformers