Global Industrial Solutions Inc. is recognized as a dependable supplier of Oilfield equipment for drilling contractors, operators, and service companies around the globe.

Our dedication to delivering high quality products from world renowned manufacturers of the the oil and gas industry has made us a cornerstone in this market. Companies rely upon us to provide inventive solutions to the unique requirements and challenges faced by such a dynamic industry.

We provide outstanding products as well as quality of service in the following fields

Thanks to our subsidiaries as well as a network of agents and distributors, we offer a wide range of standardized products and specific for the coring and drilling industry.
We specialize in the following areas:

  • Chemical and Cement Products
  • Downhole Tool
  • Drill String
  • Fire Protection and Detection Systems and Materials
  • Fishing Tool
  • Fluid Control Products
  • Gas Safety Equipment
  • Handling Tool
  • Industrial Oilfield Safety Equipment
  • Mud Pump and Parts
  • Oilfield Safety Equipment
  • Production Equipment
  • Rig Accessories
  • Rig Package
  • Solid Control Equipment
  • Well Completion
  • Well Control Equipment
  • Well Head Equipment

Here at GiS, we’ve got all the electrical equipment and supplies you’ll need to keep your plant running smooth. Our certified experts work closely with you and your team to provide the best solutions and service to help grow your business. We at GiS provide solutions to meet the Efficiency, Safety, Cost, and Robustness.

We supply the industry’s most popular brands of HVAC/R products, parts and supplies to HVAC contractors and end-users manufactured by the most reputable industry leaders. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • HVAC/R equipment and accessories
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) products
  • Tools and testing instruments
  • Sealants, adhesive and chemicals
  • Service parts and controls
  • Sheet metal and accessories
  • Installation supplies
Industrial Oil, Chemicals and Lubricants are essential to the process industry.
Working hand-in-hand with multi-national oil companies and specialist oil-blending companies, we can assist with product selection as well as provide a competitively priced product.
At GiS, we carry a wide range of instrumentation equipment; over the years we have managed to gain the experience of providing our customers with the right part at the right price. Instrumentation includes devices capable of detecting change, physical or otherwise, in a particular process. Measuring instruments include Sensor, Amplifier / Conditioner, Display which is used in almost all of the production industries.
Our technical professionals can provide you with in-depth product knowledge to help you select the most cost-effective instrumentation solution. We can supply you with pressure and vacuum gauges, limit and level switches, regulators, gauges, thermometers, and a wide range of other instrumentation and sensors.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations functions in conjunction with every aspect of the processing and manufacturing industry in general. Manufacturing Facilities are gradually crowding with more equipment and there is huge pressure on maintenance staff to keep production facilities running without any interruption. MRO help workers to increase uptime and reliability at lower cost by allowing them to predict and prevent equipment failure. We have the expertise to procure all such MRO spares for our clients keeping in mind their changing requirements.

We at GiS take a very close look at the requirements within a variety of downstream manufacturing sectors to get a better understanding of the type of process equipment and accessories are required by our clients.
Industrial processing equipment comprises of a wide range of products and spares that are destined for critical requirements.
We source reliable Industrial pumps and spare parts that approve client’s expectations.
Mining, industrial and general manufacturing plants where electricity is unavailable diaphragm pumps are extensively used.
Centrifugal pumps with different configurations are fire pumps, end suction pumps, chopper pumps, grinder pumps and many more. Hydraulic pumps such as vane pump, gear pump, and piston pumps are used on heavy machineries like excavators, cranes, loaders, tractors, graders, dump trucks and mining machinery etc. Chemical processing and manufacturing industries require vacuum pumps for various applications such as plastic molding processes, production of lamps, tubes, CRT displays, semiconductor processing, glass coatings and many more.
We remain a trusted supplier to select the finest gas turbines according to our clients’ requirements as well as minimising their costs. Also, we understand the importance of air quality and the strict requirements of the compressors and hence we can help source the correct compressor to meet our clients’ expectations. We also supply a variety of gearboxes of different types, shapes and sizes such as worm, helical, planetary, and spur. Gear boxes are essentially used to alter speed, direction and the torque of the mechanical equipment.
The requirement differs from industry to industry. GiS has the ability to provide almost every major occupational safety product such as Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection, Respirators and Face Masks, Face Shield, Searchlights, Fall arresters, Personal Protective Equipment, Protective hood, etc. We select the best in the industry suppliers to provide our clients with genuine high-quality products at most competitive price.
Industrial Valves are an uncompromisable piece of equipment within every branch of the manufacturing industry and they are heavily utilized within the oil and gas industry, chemical plants and water industry. At GiS, we procure valves that vary in size and can withhold a range of pressures regulating the flow of semi-solids, liquids and gases, catering to each and every industry.