• We offer batteries for all kind of industries, such as Telecommunication, Power Utilities, Engine Start and Infrastructure. We have multiple technologies such Sealed Lead Acid, NiCD.


  • We offer microprocessor-regulated with automatic charging control for all kinds of batteries. The use of high-frequency technology combined with the modular construction permits compact designs with space-saving wall mounting or floor mounting. Thanks to their modular structure, our systems can be individually configured to suit your needs in terms of performance and accessories.

Racks & Accessories

  • We offer a complete line of standard and seismic racks designed and built exclusively for standby power batteries. Cell restraint equipment is offered for standard racks to provide shock protection. Seismic racks are designed to meet the Uniform Building Code (UBC) or Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) requirements. All shock protected and seismic racks are supplied with anti-static foam spacers and cell clamps to minimize cell damage caused by an earthquake. For additional protection, all racks can be installed with a spill Containment System designed to contain and neutralize electrolyte in the event of a spill.
  • These racks can be used for any type of flooded battery application, e.g. Telecom, Switchgear, and UPS.

Battery Operations Management

  • Battery charging and discharging practices directly impact your bottom line. Batteries must be charged and discharged correctly on a consistent basis for optimal performance. Improper charging and discharging can lead to reduced available battery capacity and more frequent battery replacements – which works against your productivity and profitability goals. Our battery monitoring device helps you power your fleet profitably. The battery monitoring device combines our battery monitoring design expertise with the latest in wireless technology. The device monitors a range of battery operating data including amp-hours (AH) charged/ discharged, temperature, voltage, and electrolyte level (via an optional external sensor).

Sealed Lead Acid & NiCd Batteries

Battery Monitoring Device

Batteries Rack System

Battery Charging Systems