Open-i® Product Family from IMCI offers you the ability to take control of facility equipment, sensors (legacy and IoT), meters, and network elements in your building, giving you the advantage of remotely monitoring and managing physical devices including generators, HVAC, lighting, radios, multiplexor, cameras, antennas, fans, and more from a single, easy-to- navigate secure web interface.

  • Mediate / translate the device protocols.
  • Provide trusted cyber security protection and encryption for all data.
  • Achieve this with “point, click and configure” ability without the need for programming knowledge.
  • Translate all collected signal data into a network based standard language.
  • Transmit the vital data, securely, via public or private, wireline or wireless standard communication media.
  • Vendor independence to the end-user to freely select the best devices and sensors for their needs regardless of manufacturer, device, and transmission protocols.