The IRiS Management Software is a secure, browser-independent, web-based platform enabling the seamless collection, translation, reporting, and dissemination of information from an unlimited number of Open-i’s® and their connected sensors, meters, network elements, and facility equipment.

Provide application diversity to include EMS (Enterprise Management System), IMS (Infrastructure Monitoring System) as well as DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management)

  • Receive all incoming events and performance data.
  • Organize, store display and respond to data as needed.
  • Share data with standard industry protocols & enterprise application.
  • Provide remote configuration, control, and management capabilities.
  • Provide anytime anywhere access to the data with the thinnest possible client.
  • Provide complete vendor and platform independence for the management software OS, DBMS, web browser.
  • Provide built-in, effortless Cyber Security functionality including, data encryption in transit and at rest.