High-density, highly scalable, future-proofed spine switches optimized for the cloud

The Juniper Networks QFX10000 line of high-performance switches delivers industry-leading scalability, density and flexibility, helping cloud and data center operators build automated data center networks that provide superior long-term investment protection.

QFX10000 switches from Juniper Networks form a highly scalable, high-density network foundation for supporting today’s most demanding data center and cloud environments, including mid-sized to large data centers, private clouds, and public clouds.

Using custom, Juniper-built ASICs, the high-performance, highly versatile QFX10000 switches scale from 3 to 96 Tbps of throughput, delivering the capacity you need for long-term investment protection.

Additionally, by offering the industry’s highest 100GbE port density—up to 480 in a single chassis—the QFX10000 gives you the power to seamlessly evolve your data center networks from existing 10GbE and 40GbE architectures to 100GbE, to keep pace with evolving requirements.

The QFX10000 switches are also designed to accommodate future chipset upgrades capable of delivering up to 200 Tbps of throughput, with support for 400GbE interfaces (when available).

The QFX10000 line includes four models, offering flexible solutions for every data center application:

QFX10002-72Q is a fixed-configuration platform supporting up to 24 100GbE interfaces, 72 40GbE interfaces or 288 10GbE interfaces in a 2U form factor
QFX10002-36Q is a fixed-configuration platform supporting up to 12 100GbE interfaces, 36 40GbE interfaces or 144 10GbE interfaces in a 2U form factor
QFX10008 is a modular, 8-slot switch supporting up to 240 100GbE interfaces, 288 40GbE ports or 1,152 10GbE ports in a single chassis
QFX10016 is a high-density, 16-slot modular chassis supporting up to 480 100GbE interfaces, 576 40GbE ports or 2,304 10GbE ports.
The QFX10000 switches also serve as the foundation for the Junos Fusion architecture, a new standards-based approach for creating an open, highly scalable switch fabric. Junos Fusion dramatically simplifies data center and cloud deployments while reducing management overhead.

Designed to function as a common building block in a variety of other network architectures and fabrics, QFX10000 switches give you maximum flexibility and ensure that you will never be locked into a proprietary solution. This architectural flexibility enables the QFX10000 switches to operate in diverse network environments, including Layer 3 spine-and-leaf Clos fabrics and Layer 2 / Layer 3 networks with Juniper MC-LAG.

• Industry-leading scale—up to 96 Tbps, scalable to over 200 Tbps in the future—protects your investments as your business and traffic expand.

• Multidimensional performance improves your application performance while eliminating performance trade-offs across physical, logical and overlay networks.

• Multigenerational scalability provides investment protection by allowing you to transition seamlessly from 10GbE to 40GbE, 100GbE and, in the future, 400GbE.

• QFX10000 switches complement existing QFX5100 switches, introducing a level of architectural flexibility that helps you reduce costs and complexity while satisfying a variety of deployment options.

• High-performance custom silicon enables deep buffers that ensure quality of service

Dimensions (W x H x D)  QFX10002: 17.4 x 3.5 x 31 in (44.2 x 8.9 x 78.7 cm); 2U, QFX10008: 17.4 x 22.55 x 32 in (44.2 x 57.3 x   81.3 cm); 13U, QFX10016: 17.4 x 36.65 x 35 in (44.2 x 93 x 88.9 cm); 21U
Power Options  100 to 240 VAC (single phase) at 50/60 Hz or -40 to -72 VDC
System Throughput  QFX10002-36Q: 2.88 Tbps, QFX10002-72Q: 5.76 Tbps, QFX10008: 48 Tbps (6 Tbps/slot),   QFX100016: 96 Tbps (6 Tbps/slot)
Form Factor  Fixed-configuration (QFX10002) and modular (QFX10008 and QFX10016) platforms
Data Rate (switching capacity)  QFX10002-72Q: Up to 2 Bpps, QFX10002-36Q: Up to 1 Bpps, QFX10008: Up to 16 Bpps, QFX10016:   Up to 32 Bpps
Port Densities  QFX10002-72Q: 288 10GbE, 72 40GbE or 24 100GbE, QFX10002-36Q: 144 10GbE, 36 40GbE or 12   100GbE, QFX10008: 1,152 10GbE, 288 40GbE or 240 100GbE, QFX10016: 2,304 10GbE, 576 40GbE   or 480 100GbE
Maximum 10GbE Density  QFX10002-72Q: 288, QFX10002-36Q: 144, QFX10008: 1152, QFX10016: 2304


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